silly intern

I’m about to report for the second day of my internship.

Due to my excessive professional diligence (you may all laugh now), this will probably be the last you hear about my summer position:

Jessica’s Summer Internship:

Two Truths and a Lie Edition

On her first day as an Intern, Jessica….

  1. tripped over her flip-flops and hit the floor in front of a variety of publishing professionals.
  2. spilled her Starbucks all over her desk
  3. accidentally locked herself in a bathroom stall.

Guess all you want, I will not reveal the truth.

Even though one is embarrassingly true.

Oh, I wonder what I will do TODAY!


One Comment to “silly intern”

  1. Wait, is only ONE true, or is it indeed TWO truths and a lie? Because my vote goes for spilling Starbucks all over your desk, unless you left out the part about slurping it back up. I know you wouldn’t just let $3 of coffee (or was it the whole $5?) go to waste so easily, not mention all that escaped caffeine…

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