Four day weekend before my life reaches maximum craziness. On Tuesday, I’ll be at work two whole hours earlier than the past two weeks, and on Wednesday, I’m Red-Lining it to Somerville for Internship: Day 1.

Oh, and I have a presentation on Tuesday, and a paper regarding that presentation due the following Tuesday.

And do we have any guesses as to what piece of children’s literature this paper will focus on?

I’ll give you a big hint: I read it three times last year and wrote three papers on it.

Oh, you guessed it? You’re so smart.

Anyway. I haven’t been working on that paper much, because you see, I am a big fat lazy slacker pants.

Instead, I’ve been going to Indian food buffets,

eating self-serve frozen yogurt… multiple times…

and Going Off-Syllabus with Going Bovine

Tomorrow, I should probably start plotting that presentation. Or we might just go to free-day at the MFA.

Oh, and laundry. And cooking. And freaking out about my week ahead. And my apartment is still mighty trashed. And I really had a hankering to do some baking today… and I’m on the last 100 pages of Going Bovine!

Also, tomorrow is Memorial Day. Do you have a favorite soldier? I do! She just moved to Germany with her husband, got a promotion, and is 12 weeks pregnant. Lucky lady! Thanks for healing our soldiers, Chrissy!


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