High of 80

High of 92

After all my enjoyment of the lovely, temperate weather,

I am back to sleeping without a blanket,

dragging the fan with me from room to room,

and running cold water on my wrists.

My cat is panting.


I need to add a new line to our budget for ice cream and coffee – aka admission to Air Conditioned Spaces Open After The Library Closes.

Good thing I won’t be home starting after next week.

Maybe I can stay away until September 1, where I will move to a second floor apartment, hidden by shade, with an air conditioner in the living room.

Until then?



2 Comments to “steamy”

  1. We are sweating over here in CT too. Hot, humid, no air condition. (Slowly melting away).

  2. Cool and rainy here. Longing for summer to show itself! Maybe once June arrives… Dare to dream.

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