summer lovin’

Yesterday, I walked into class feeling confused and lightheaded. You see, part of the Change-Everything-You-Can freakout of May 2010 involves buying vegetables and whole grains… and not buying any of the crap I usually fill up on. Oh, and I simultaneously decided to nix the daily Starbucks habit last semester gave me.

So I walked into class feeling confused and lightheaded because I ate weird things all day, cut calories without thinking about how to replace them, and hadn’t had more than a Diet Coke all day.

I walked out of class feeling confused and lightheaded because I had three hours to get hungrier and develop the tingly beginnings of a migraine.

But also because…

  • I sat through a 3 hour class and I still do not exactly know what my class is about
  • I cannot force myself to be “child-centric” in my thoughts about books, which I think this problematic for a future library professional…
  • … which really transforms my “Career Crisis!’ into a full-fledged “Identity Crisis!” Gah! I don’t think finding a career is supposed to be this hard!
  • My class is 6 weeks long. My syllabus is 6 pages long.
  • There is an assignment due Thursday (tomorrow) which entails reading a year’s worth of Horn Books and Booklists and writing a 5 page paper.
  • Jack Gantos is coming to visit our class.

Jack Gantos, people.

JACK GANTOS!! Everybody go out and read Hole in My Life, right now. And when you’re done, go pick up a Joey Pigza book. The end.


I went home after class, confused and tired and getting that headache. I hoped Lance wouldn’t be too irritated when he got home from signing our lease, since I ignored 9 panicked phone calls and 3 text messages during my foggy-headed class. I tried to make a pizza, but the dough was cold, my upper body strength lacking, and I ran out of pizza sauce so I had to mix in some spaghetti… and then I lay defeated on the couch while Lance downloaded trumpet fingering charts onto his new iPod Touch.

Which, unfortunately, is probably how I will feel all summer.

Because my life will very soon look like this:

Monday Internship 9:30-4:30

Tuesday Work 9:00-3:00, Class 3:00-6:15

Wednesday Internship 9:30-4:30

Thursday Work 9:00-3:00, Class 3:00-6:15

Friday Work 9:00-3:00

Plus homework.

Plus any library shifts I deign to pick-up.

Plus ALA, Myrtle Beach, maybe a trip to Michigan in August, and packing up our entire apartment.

My reward?

On September 1st, I get to move out of my current apartment before 1:00 p.m. and move into my new apartment after 1:00 p.m.!

And then on September 2nd, classes start.

Confused and lightheaded.

I need an espresso.


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