consumerism success

Back when I was being needlessly spendy, I pre-ordered the Complete Series of Daria on DVD from Amazon.

Wait. Hold on. Back when I was being needlessly spendy? You mean, the 99 dollars you spent on a pair of jeans on Tuesday was NOT being needlessly spendy, self?



Operative part of the sentence – “back when.” I put it on pre-order awhile ago. It was deeply discounted – 44.99 down from 72.99. And given the vast amounts of time I used to spend attempting to capture every episode onto  VCR tapes in 1999 and 2000, well, this was something I would need to own. Might as well get while the getting is good.

Logic of the eventually broke and desperate.


My DVDs shipped yesterday. Yay! And for the day, Daria even beat out Avatar on the Amazon bestseller list. Awesome. I’ve come to terms with my loose spending and pledge to hide my debit card from myself.

Then I get an email from Amazon.

Pre-order, low price guarantee yadda yadda yadda… Amazon is refunding me 19 dollars?

Yes, soon I will be the proud owner of all 5 seasons of Daria, on DVD, and the two movies, all for the low-low price of  26 bucks.

After all of my recent consumerism fails, this was a nice surprise.

But I’m officially putting myself on a budget. One with NO DEBIT CARDS ALLOWED AT THE COMPUTER written in scary black letters across the top of the page.


2 Comments to “consumerism success”

  1. So does that mean I can get rid of the multitude of Daria VCR tapes?

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