new digs

So the dramatic conclusion to my previous post will have to wait. Things have only become more complicated in my head and in my life since then, and there is this thing called a Twelve To Fifteen Page Paper on Picturebooks Due on Friday to take care of.

In the meantime, a quick tale about Renting Apartments in Boston.

We decided not to renew our lease for September. Surely we could find a better deal SOMEWHERE in this city, now that we aren’t green around the gills, now that we have more than 24 hours to secure shelter.

As soon as we decided not to stay, the regrets filed into my tiny, annoying, one-bedroom. Some were delusional: But I’m right by the park! How will I ever become A Runner unless I have a place to run? Some were overly sentimental: If I leave JP, I’ll never eat a sandwich at City Feed & Supply again and if that happens I will die! And JP is the best neighborhood in Boston! Ask anyone who lives here! Some were rational: We can afford our rent… I’m close enough to school to walk when the weather is nice… Free and abundant street parking… My landlady isn’t nuts… What if we’re looking for Something Better That Doesn’t Exist?

So I’m moping around, being stressed out, and constantly browsing Craigslist for one-bedrooms under 1,050 or two-beds under 1,500. The only options that meet that criteria seem to be in my friend’s building down at the end of the orange line, or are in Brighton.

Until I venture over to the “rental fee charged” section of Craigslist and find this little gem of a listing that included some irresistibleĀ  real estate jargon: “dishwasher;” “laundry in building;” “off-street parking space included;” “cats are OK – purr;” “heat and hot water included;” “air conditioning.”

And it’s not only *in* Jamaica Plain, the apartment is so close it might as well BE in my apartment.

Two viewings, some advanced haggling, and a little under-the-table, dirty-dealing later…

I have a new apartment. And a dishwasher. And air conditioning in the main room. And a parking lot for Lance to change his oil in. And a square living room instead of a hallway shaped living room, so I can rearrange the furniture.

And a new roommate!

And I can still “Become a Runner” and walk to school at my leisure.

And eat sandwiches at City Feed & Supply.

And we only have to move our stuff down three flights of stairs and then up the street.



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  1. Loved the blog and the counter space!


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