A week without Lance. A week nearing the end of the semester. Here are the highlights:

I. I got another job

Since my current job is a school-year only gig, I applied for some stuff to do this summer. However, in my typical, excessively picky fashion, I am really only interested in jobs in a library, children’s lit related internships, and employment at my school (since I am there for class anyway).

This week, I was offered a position that meets two of my criteria.

Remember this job?

I’m back on the ref desk, y’all.

And in the fall, and on the off-chance my current job extends into the summer, I’ll have TWO jobs!

Which I’ve heard is a great way to pay for Massachusetts car insurance.

II. I gave a presentation

It was really boring.

And I didn’t rehearse what I was going to say.

But it went okay.

III. I met Megan McCafferty

She was really nice.

And I realized that it’s been 10 years since I read her first book, which made me feel very old.

But she sang “I Write The Songs.”

And really loves what she does.

Which was very inspirational.

IV. I got to flip through a copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, signed by author and illustrator

Among other children’s literature treasures, at the Houghton Library.

IV. I walked a lot

I walked to school. I walked home from school. I walked to school again. I walked to school. I walked to school. I walked to the library. I walked to Trader Joe’s. I walked back from Trader Joe’s.

V. I drank two bottles of wine

But don’t worry. I walked to Trader Joe’s so I have another one now.

VI. I didn’t finish any of my assignments due next week

Oh crap.

VII. I didn’t choose a topic for my fifteen-page paper

And it’s due in 10 days

VIII. I watched two full seasons of How I Met Your Mother

And I have no idea what to write about

IX. I played Katamari

But I told my mom this, and she said, “I’m not worried about you.”

X. I memorized all 151 of the classic Pokemon

“Because you are awesome,” she said. Or something like that.

But she didn’t know about the Pokemon. She’d probably change her mind


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