life without lance

We go to bed early,

and sleep in a lot.


4 Comments to “life without lance”

  1. Please stop posting pictures of your adorable orange kitty. I am now thisclose to *begging* for one, whereas before I was just constantly mentioning how much I love orange kitties.

    • i’m sure you understand i cannot abide by that request. not only does it offend my personal beliefs and challenge my BLOGGERS FREEDOM, I am always in favor of actions that would put more Cute Pictures of Orange Kitties onto my blogroll

      • Please note my initial comment was posted in a fit of intense jealousy. A delightful orange kitty is SO CLOSE in my future, but still several months away, that I just get overwhelmed. Soon we will have Cute Pictures of Orange Kitties pic-offs, or we can make a collaborative blog of cuteness.

        • good. i thought about threatening you. i have a dc friend who fosters kitties, and i could kitten-letter-bomb you. if necessary.

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