dying dying dying

So I’m sitting at home alone on a Saturday night, minding my own business, lamenting over my boyfriend who has fled the state for AN ENTIRE WEEK, munching on failed caramel corn (oh, I wish I could say more than that), drinking the bottle of wine I accidentally froze overnight in my freezer yesterday, finishing up my library DVD of Freaks and Geeks before I have to return it, and working sporadically on this silly assignment for my Reference class….

when I checked Facebook for the seven-thousandth time for the day…

and I died.

It’s Prom Night, back home.

And that’s my little sister.

I’m dying.

She’s… so… gorgeous… and… stylish… and… YOUNG!

I’m dying.

It wasn’t that long ago I was at Prom.



I guess 8 years is a long time.

I am an old, old lady.

And I am hideous.

I mean, just look at her!

Dying tonight. Pour myself another glass of wine. Pass the sugar-crusted popcorn, kitty.


2 Comments to “dying dying dying”

  1. That dress is killer! She looks so glamorous and beautiful. I don’t even want to look at my old prom photos when I see these pictures, she looks so perfect! I adore the little braids in her hair too.

    I want to go back in time 8 years and have a do-over.

  2. You should have been there.

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