is it Friday?

I had a fabulous few days with my family. However, they have left, and I do not know what day of the week it is.

Is it Saturday?

Is it Monday?

I have no idea.


I am also suffering from the worst kind of buyer’s remorse – the kind of remorse where the entire universe is out to ruin the only money you’ve had to spend in months.

I bought a plane ticket to go down to DC in June for a conference….

and then Lance found out he’ll be out of school in time to come too, but the ticket is nonrefundable.

I bought some Havaianas online because my flip-flops are wearing through to the ground…

and the website took my credit card info but has yet to say anything other than “Order Recieved” for 3 weeks.

I took advantage of an American Eagle online sale and bought two sweaters for 50 dollars…

and they shipped it to my last saved address – my house on University street in Mount Pleasant.

I bought an expense dress from Shabby Apple, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted so I sent it back…

and I’m officially out 20 dollars for shipping & handling.

Take my advice, readers: put your credit cards away. Just don’t even bother trying to spend frivolously.


4 Responses to “is it Friday?”

  1. You’re coming to ALA Annual? =D

    • i am i am! either by plane or by car – my mom is going and bringing the family so we’ll do DC and then go stay with my grandpa at the beach for awhile.

      SUPER EXCITED!!!!!


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