I. Vermont

Here we are in Vermont, my picturebook class and I. The boy in the middle is David Macaulay. It was a gorgeous day, a nice drive up, lovely to meet a working illustrator and listen to him talk about his life and his craft, and an adventurous drive home.

New England = awesome.


II. My boyfriend

Me: You should sign that petition I put on Facebook.

Lance: What was it for?

Me: Oh. Something about…

Lance: Hold on.. I’ll just look at it myself.

(waiting a moment… he reads half)

Lance: Wait… is this an Anti-Monsanto thing?

Me: Yeah.

Lance: I’m totally signing it.


III. Pretty Peachy

she’s sooooooo cute


One Comment to “lalalalalalalifeiswonderful”

  1. I think you should bring your kitty to class on Wednesday.

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