wednesday was the best day ever

1. I learned of a surprising potential situation that may arise sometime before Fall semester. I’m trying not to get too excited, and there would be some sucky consequences/life challenges as well, but if the stars align, my money situation might be improving.

3. I had a very fine lunch of a Granny Smith Apple & Peanut Butter, and 2 hardboiled eggs.

2. In our series of Lectures Upon Picturebooks Past, we finally reached the era of illustrators I’ve actually heard of:

4. I got an A+ on a paper. In grad school. I am still pretty much over the moon, and Susan Bloom is my new best friend.

Although now, today, I have worked myself into another hole. You see, I have this 25 point project due on Monday, and while I’m done a lot of the preparatory work required to turn Data into Paper, I still have yet to start said Paper.

I have tonight, but Lance called and says he wants to treat for dinner.

I have tomorrow, but Lance has the day off, so he’ll be around to keep me from my work as well as accompany me on various errands.

I don’t have Saturday. Field trip to Vermont! I’m excited, but it seems kind of… exhausting. I’m getting preparatory exhaustion just thinking about it. And I’m driving.

I have Sunday.

I have Monday-day, but I’m working 9-5 to bank hours before SOMETHING EXCITING HAPPENS.

Suspense, I know.

Oh, and I’m pregnant.

Just kidding.

It’s April Fools Day, had to try.


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