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March 25, 2010

old granny

Ever since my quarter-of-a-century birthday, I’ve been aging quickly.

Creaky old legs. Difficulty hefting myself out of bed. Gray highlights returning.

This morning, I got to school early, but didn’t have any urgent schoolwork to attend to. An hour was mine. Doubleshot and a book, I decided, in the sunny chair by the window.

I made it thirty minutes before my mind wandered. My family is visiting in a few weeks. Would they want to come see my school? “This is Java City,” I would say, pointing at the coffee shop in the middle of the common area. “But don’t buy coffee there because of severe barista incompetence.”A college tour, which would be silly because I’m 25 now. But maybe Caroline might like to see the college. What if Caroline came to Simmons? I don’t know if she would like it. It’s all girls, and the curriculum is pretty specialized…

At this point, I shot out of my chair and ran up the three flights of stairs to my office.

My little sister will be 17 this year (HORROR) and then she will be a senior in high school and then she will be going to college and OH MY GOD I AM SO OLD AND I HAVE NOTHING PLANNED! NOTHING! I NEED TO GO PLAN!

Seriously. My sister is going to be 17.

Look at her!

She has a Blackberry! She has a boyfriend! She has a handful of rambunctious friends who live at each other’s houses and drive each other around in their cars because they can drive! She’s taking AP classes and the ACT and it’s almost time for SENIOR PICTURES and then she’s going to GRADUATE AND GO TO COLLEGE AND I HAVE DONE NOTHING! WHAT HAPPENED HERE?


My aching back. My creaking knees. I need to buy a box of hair dye and start planning again, because I’m sure not getting any younger.