kiss kiss

Working my way through Gilmore Girls, because nobody wants to check them out at the library anymore, and because I’ve seen them so many times I can tune in and out while I do my homework.

I’ve always been a Dean girl.

Probably because all of my high school relationships were pretty Rory/Dean.

Heck, all my relationships.

But this time around?

It’s all about Jess.

I guess I’ve had a change of heart.

I’m even learning to forgive the hair…


3 Comments to “kiss kiss”

  1. I’ve always been a “Jess.” And I love the hair…so tousled and sexy.

    I don’t feel creepy about that because when he’s a high schooler on the show, I was a high schooler in real life. :p

  2. I LOVE Jess. Always Jess for me 🙂

  3. I never really liked any of them… but I LOVED Jess when he came back in the later seasons, worked on a press, had written a book. Swoon.

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