previous life

I used to live across the street from this church.

In the winter, we would sled down, and my dad told me that if I was going too fast I should roll off before my sled ran into the road.

In the summer, we’d rollerskate up and down the drive. It was really steep. Falling was likely and completely terrifying.

In middle school I found out most of my classmates were Catholic and attended some Tuesday night class for 12-year-old Catholic kids, and I was extremely jealous. Secret social things were going on every Tuesday night practically under my nose.

My church worshiped in a school cafeteria and my Sunday School class consisted of me, a surly adolescent male with little taste for Christianity

and my DAD.

I sat on that stone wall. I walked past on my way to school. Once, my dad made us stop sledding because a funeral procession started pulling into the driveway. We always cut through the property to walk to the park.

And then I moved away.


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