my sweet peach

My family never owned housecats when I was growing up, only a few, well-chosen canine companions.

So I never had the opportunity to learn that I am a full-fledged Cat Person, until now.

This past November, I was dinking around on Facebook and spotted a strange status update. A friend of ours from Michigan – Lance’s best friend’s girlfriend, to be annoyingly specific – posted something like “I woke up and there were kittens on my floor.” Surprise! Adam and Verna’s cat Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant! Or at least Adam and Verna didn’t know their cat was pregnant. Apparently Adam let Mama out and they thought she’d run away for good, but it turns out she just wanted to get lucky.

ANYWAY! So a friend had a bunch of kittens to give away, and Lance had been talking KITTENKITTENKITTEN since we started browsing Craigslist apartments in May. Lance had cats. He liked cats. I was scared of cats, and I really wanted a dresser and a TV stand before I got an animal.

But it was a free cat.

And it was orange.

I told Lance that I only wanted an orange cat.

So when we trekked home to Michigan for Christmas, Lance fetched our kitten. She was about six weeks old.

She stayed with me for a few days and then drove back to Boston with Lance. When I returned, we named her Peach.

And I love her.

She was so small when we got her, but now she’s almost a real cat. Her fur has just started to lose that kitten fluff, and every day she can jump onto something new, something higher.

She has a really lovely disposition – although I don’t have much to compare it too. She’s very playful, but easily distracted by toys if she’s being annoying. When she’s tired, she’ll crawl up onto your chest or lap and go to sleep. She meows a lot – when we come home, when she wakes up, when she’s walking around in the other rooms of the apartment, alone.

And she purrs. She purrs REALLY loud.

We just started letting her stay out of the kennel at nighttime. It took us awhile to figure it out – either she wanted to jump on our faces or meow at the bedroom door – and the first few nights were fairly sleepless, but we found the secret. Ever since we came home, Peach has loved this blanket Lance’s mom gave us as a Christmas present. Specifically, she loved to suck on the wool backing, and would do it until she fell asleep. A cat pacifier, if you will.

So we moved the blanket to our bed. Now we all sleep together.

And I love having her around the house, doing cute little cat things. Being silly. Her favorite toy is this Beanie Baby snail with a little rolling jingle ball tied to its neck. Peach picks her up and carries her from room to room, and then she bites its poor neck repeatedly. Last week, she wanted to watch me put on my makeup in the bathroom and accidentally jumped into the toilet. She loves plastic bags and cardboard boxes and running into cabinets and closets when we open doors.

Her new favorite hangout is in the bathtub.

When she sits on my laptop keyboard, I take it as a sign that I should get the heck off of it.

And most of my favorite hobbies (reading, drinking a glass of wine, watching a movie or talking to my Lance) are just better with a warm little peachy peach asleep in your lap.

I love my kitty.


One Comment to “my sweet peach”

  1. How cute and she jumped in your toilet that made my day poor kitty haha.

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