My Favorite Oscars Fashion – 2010

I was entirely disappointed by red carpet fashion at last night’s Academy Awards.

Strapless neutrals. Bo-ring.

5. Cameron Diaz

Boring strapless neutral, but at least Cameron sassed it up with some sparkle and those red lips. This dress (and a lot of the dresses, actually) reminded me of Prom fashions from good-old 2002-3. This was the dress we all wanted but couldn’t afford.

4. Demi Moore

I love the mummy-bands across the chest so much, it makes me feel much more kindly on the ruffly-doo-dads on the bottom. But negative points for the skin-toned dress.

3. Elizabeth Banks

How sad if this is to be the most colorful dress I liked all night? But it is a very nice cut for her body, and I do love these particular ruffly-doo-dads.

2. Susan Downey

I didn’t even SEE this one on TV, had to scrounge it up online. But it’s awesome! Sparkly, stripey, shapely, lovely. Take note, A-list celebs!

1. Sandra Bullock

The only dress I loved at first sight. I love lace, and Ms. Bullock’s hair is perfect. Jealous.

Last year, I’d seen 3 out of 6 best picture noms. This year I’d seen 3 out of 10. Yikes. So yeah, I did horribly in my own little personal Oscar Picking Pool.

I even owe Lance 2 dollars on a Sandra Bullock bet. *sigh*


One Comment to “My Favorite Oscars Fashion – 2010”

  1. When I was talking to Jamie we thought about having a movie day and catching up on all these movies we missed out on.

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