Things That Normal People Love

Things Normal People Love

…that I could really take or leave

1) Jane Austen

Book or movies. I read Pride and Prejudice, and it was okay.

Just okay, though.

Although, I am really not into most of the Western Literature Classic Canon either, I am particularly uninterested in Regency romance.

2) Living Abroad

Unless someone approached me and said “Jessica, we have a really cool job for you in another country. We will pay you fairly for your work, find you a place to live, pay for your ticket out and take care of all the logistics,” then I’m really just not interested. I don’t even want to leave my apartment most days, people.

3) Fashion

My clothing tastes haven’t evolved much since high school. I still shop at American Eagle. I like to buy new clothes, but it doesn’t thrill me. I wear one pair of jeans repeatedly until they die, and really, don’t I spend most of my time in sweatpants anyway?  I’d probably rather spend money on books.

4) Live Music

So I almost bought some tickets to see OK Go in May. They were reasonably priced. I used to listen to Oh No in its entirety multiple times a week. I really almost bought some tickets.

But I hate concerts where you have to stand up.

And loud places are pretty annoying.

And I could spend 50 dollars on some really good food. Or gas money to drive somewhere fun. Or buy more books.

5) Drinking at Bars

I have nothing against bars in theory. But they are usually crowded. Or smoky. Or too dark. Or really loud. And you have to stay up really late.

Since I turned 21, everyone wants to go to the bar. Nobody wants to get a cup of coffee. Nobody wants to get breakfast. Nobody wants to buy a pint of ice cream and watch TV. Heck, nobody wants to buy a bottle of Two Buck Chuck and drink it and watch TV.

Bars are for special occasions and vacation happy hours.

I guess the moral of all these stories is: I’m a cheap bastard.

Except for the Jane Austen one.


2 Comments to “Things That Normal People Love”

  1. I don’t really have any desire to go to live music. And I spend my life trying to find an excuse to sit, so the STANDING part of live music is really unappealing.

  2. I used to be SO into going to concerts, but once I turned 20 or 21, I just didn’t want to go out anymore. Even for the smaller bands I liked, who played at bars and didn’t have huge crowds. Though the boy bought OK Go tickets because I love them – it’ll be worth standing up for a few hours for them. But I have no desire to do repeat shows like I used to – seeing a band over and over and over until I was broke.

    I only like going to bars if it’s a cool place where you can sit in a booth and talk with your friends, and they bring drinks to you. Luckily we have a couple of places like that around here, and we found one in NYC that was the best.

    I also do the jeans thing – though I’m more often in pajama pants, not sweatpants. I’ve never read Jane Austen. Aaaand, I barely even want to VACATION abroad, much less live there! We might be twins. I’m going to steal this entry in its entirety and post it in my blog.

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