relish the rhythms

I woke up this morning and Lance was playing the piano in his jeans.

“Snow Day!” he exclaimed.

Unfortunately, while Western Mass might be slippery and dangerous, Metro Boston is just wet. So I went about my routine.

  • Lay on couch – 15 minutes max

“Do you want me to start you some toast?” says an unusually chipper for 6:15 a.m. Lance. “Is that what you eat for breakfast? I don’t even know what you eat for breakfast.”

“No thanks,” I say. “I’m not hungry yet.”

  • Weigh self on Wii Fit – round of applause if I gain less than a pound since the day before
  • Weigh cat on Wii Fit. She’s 3.6 pounds
  • Get a glass of water

“Now it’s time to watch Sex and the City,” I say.

“You have a rigid morning schedule,” he says, laughing at me.

  • Start cooking up egg
  • Start getting dressed

“Is this always what you wear while you make eggs?” he says.

“Not every morning,” I say, in my bra. “I couldn’t decide on what shirt to wear.”

  • Finish getting dressed

“I think your eggs are burning.”

“No, they’re not. They’re fine.”

“What’s this smoke, then?”

“Just butter burning. Or the pan. They’re not done yet. It’s fine.

“Oh. Is there any counter space I can use?”

“If you put all these dishes away.”

“Damn. You put them away every morning?”


  • Eat eggs and granola whle I watch Sex and the Cit
  • Makeup, hair, accessories

“Does this look weird?”

“No. It looks fine.”

“You’re lying.”


  • Throw clothing all over room
  • Mentally will boyfriend to take day off to find me a dresser on Craigslist
  • Boots, coat, umbrella, phone, lunch, wallet, T pas
  • Kiss kitty goodbye. Get bit in the face.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come to school with me?”

“Yes. I’m very sure.”


And then, just like every morning for the past two weeks, I’m out the door, down the stairs, up the hill, and on the bus. By 8 a.m., I am at my school library, logging onto a computer and changing all my system preferences so my hour of work won’t be spent getting annoyed that my Expose settings are all wonky.

Work I do. I write a paper. Sometimes, I try to write two. I don’t usually succeed, but I try.

I have these things:

  1. All three of my textbooks at arm’s reach, and my binder opened up to the right article
  2. One window for Word, one window for Firefox, where I open the picture I will be writing about this morning
  3. Headphones on, Broadway-Disney-Glee Pandora station blaring
  4. A Starbucks DoubleShot
  5. The floor to myself, which is nice, because occasionally I can’t resist humming along

I have a rigid morning schedule. Apparently.

But I love love love love it.

In fact, once my papers are done and turned in (SEVEN DAYS, PEOPLE!), I think I’ll keep at it.

I mean, if I’m awake, dressed, out of the house, caffeinated, and in front of computer five days a week for an hour…

maybe another novel will eventually appear.

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