Presidents Weekend

On Saturday, I thought I’d go to two libraries, because, well, I’m in library school and occasionally my professors like me to visit those places and see how things are run.

Instead, I don’t remember what I did. Went to the bank. Dropped my books off at a different library… a third library. Waited in an epic post office line so I could send some ARCs back to my family. Then I think I had a headache. Maybe.

On Sunday, I thought I’d go to two libraries, because… well… my paper is due on Wednesday. I did do those things. So I took the T in to Copley and sat in the library for awhile. It was about a hundred degrees in there, and the man across the table from me trekked up 2 flights of stairs to sit in an uncomfortable wooden chair – in a sauna – and read from his Kindle. Then I took the T out to Brookline and went to another library for awhile. It was more temperate.

But I also thought I would go wait for Lance to pick me up, and we would go home and I would write about 5 or 10 papers, so I could have a shot at finishing before all 50 are due next Wednesday.

Oh, did I not tell you about that assignment?

Heh. Yeah.

Instead, Lance picked me up with a bouquet of flowers and we tried to drive to find somewhere to eat dinner. We found a parking spot somewhere on the B-Line, thinking we could just walk until we found something. Turns out BU students only like Panera, Starbucks, and Qdoba. I mean, I like those places too, but we wanted to sit down. We kept walking though, made it all the way to Kenmore… and then got on the T and rode in to Copley. So we froze our asses walking past like 75 T stops and THEN decide to hop on.

Anyway, you know what is a questionable idea?

Going to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner at 6:00 p.m. on Valentine’s Day.

In the Prudential Center.

Two and a half hours later, we were finally eating. Goodness gravy, is there anything on the menu that ISN’T delicious? We went for our anniversary, like, 3 weeks ago, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we went for my birthday in another month.

And this time we got cheesecake.

Today I thought I’d go to the Simmons Library (Library #4 for those of you keeping score at home) and sit there until my butt started to hurt.

But then we decided to let the cat stay out of the crate last night, and yeah, I didn’t sleep really well, so I was tired and got up late and went back to sleep and then it was really REALLY cold in my apartment and the wind was whipping at the windows and I didn’t want to go outside and they were showing 16 and Pregnant reruns all day on MTV and Lance wanted to beat Super Mario Wii and the last levels are REALLY REALLY HARD.

So I shot myself in the foot, stayed home, and consequently got very little work done today.

Or over the entire weekend for that matter.

But mark my words.

Starting tomorrow, I will be at my school’s library before 8:00 a.m., DoubleShot in my hand, totally ready to kill these 50 little demon-spawn papers. I will kill these picturebooks with my bare hands. By next Wednesday, I will have heads on poles and picturebook teeth necklaces.


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