days, weeks, and hours

I’m asleep for 8 hours of the day and awake for 14.

14 hours times 5 days equals 70 hours of wakefulness. Although wakefulness is relative between the 6 and 8 a.m. hours of the day.

Class consumes 9 hours each week.

Work consumes 20.

Each day, I spend an hour or an hour and a half in transit, between places, waiting for the bus, riding the train, walking when the train goes express and kicks me off two stops too soon.

We’re down to 34.

2 hours of my week are spent “in between” things – mainly class and work. That means I eat and zone out and keep Elena from doing her work and do Absolutely Necessary Homework.


I’m awake until 10 most nights, but after 9, count me out. There go 5 more.  Wednesday nights are a bust… and Mondays too. 3 hours gone.

I have to shower once in awhile. If you add blowdrying in, I’m in a state of bathing 2 hours during the work week.

22 hours.

I have to get dressed and out the door, too. Which takes more time than it ought to, really.

18 hours.

I have to do homework. My Reference professor told me that for every credit hour, a grad student is expected to spend 2-3 hours doing out of class work every week.

With a low estimate of my scholarship, that leaves me at -2.

No wonder I never feel like

I have time to do


at all

with any sort of


or focus.



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