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February 2, 2010

feeding my family

Grad school sucks.

Hormones suck.

Being away from my family sucks.

Being a productive human being sucks.

My boyfriend is sick, which means I probably will be too.

My kitty is still cute, but she bites me a lot.

Life is a meaningless misery.

A totally meaningless misery.

But once or twice a week, I make granola.

We eat it every day for breakfast with milk and raisins.


And once or twice a week, I steam broccoli.

It’s pretty tasty, and gives us vitamins and minerals and phytochemicals.


And two or three times a week, we’re both home at the same time, so I make some food.

Something simple. The same recipes over and over again so I start to memorize.


And every day, I feed my kitty.

But I won’t show you a picture. Her diet looks pretty gross. She seems to like it, though.