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January 29, 2010

Swing Swing

I don’t think it’s in my genetic code to remain in a good mood for a full week. Maybe not even for three consecutive days. First full week of school and I should be feeling on top of things. Especially since I have yet to have a CHL 401 moment – aka, I haven’t sat down to my first class and immediately wanted to spring from my chair and out the door so I can run madly around trying to do more reading, trying to get smarter because good LORD what is going on in this classroom?

None of that.

No. I have schedules.



And I’m sticking to them. So far. My secret New Year’s Resolutions all involve the two dirty words – self discipline – and I can feel my body catching up with my brain a little. I haul myself off the couch so I can go to the library not because it seems novel or fun or because I have to or else I will fail life… I go because it’s better than not going.

But you know you’re in trouble when you start writing out this schedule:

The four year plan. That scary red box is when I have to start paying back my student loans. Awesome. And those scary pink bars are my birthdays. My scary, scary birthdays. I’m not going to have more than a month of respite until I’m TWENTY-SEVEN and then, BAM, student loas are due, better get a job!

The day to day life is fine. It’s the theoretical life that’s stressing me out. When the little purple and orange boxes are over, what will I have left?


Don’t worry, I’ll feel better by Monday. The pendulum always swings back.