hedging bets

I have left home and arrived in Boston without much event. My journey home, by way of Detroit and Atlanta airports, wasn’t completely uneventful, but the events that occurred did not involve missing my connections or using my seat cushion as a flotation device, so I’m calling it a win.

Yesterday I was so tired and sore from such a long day of traveling, I could barely muster up the energy to hoof it to the library. And then I put another crick in my neck hauling all my hold books back to the apartment.

Today I attempted to buy my books and failed. I attempted to make a schedule of homework for next semester and failed. I tried to beat level 2-1 on Super Mario Bros Wii with Lance, and we failed about 75 times before an eventual win. I didn’t try very hard to do some Wii Fit, so of course I failed at that too.

I did succeed in watching a pretty bad movie (The Ugly Truth), somewhat planning out some things to do for ALA Midwinter this weekend, holding a mini Big Love marathon, and laying around with my kitty most of the day.

So I’m calling Boston a win.

P.S. She has a name!


Or Miss Peach.

Or Peachy Peach.

And yes, she’s named after the Princess.

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