a handful


Have you seen (500) Days of Summer? I think the movie should be retitled, “She’s Just Not That Into You.” I liked the movie – lovely costuming, attractive actors, unique format – but isn’t Tom’s little predicament familiar to all those sidekicky friends on chick flick after chick flick? Why don’t those female characters get their own lovely, attractive, unique movies to star in? How come heartbreak and disappointment with the opposite sex is something girls have to endure until they date yet another miserable dude, but males get to OVERCOME and come out stronger and better?


Three more days in Michigan, followed by three lazy days, then three days of ALA Midwinter, then back to work and back to school.

I’m starting to not want to go back.

But my Lance is picking me up at the airport, and then I get to see my kitty!

Eyes on the prize.


My mom brought home the latest by Elizbeth Gilbert, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace With Marriage, and I have to pretty much stop, drop, and finish this book before I get on the airplane. Shouldn’t be a problem. I do enjoy Ms. Gilbert’s narrative voice and find it quick and natural to read, and the subject matter is something I’m deeply interested and invested in. It’s something that many people are interested and invested in, I think, especially people who are in committed relationships for almost six years and during that six years watched many friends fall in love, get married, and sometimes get divorced.


In 2009, I achieved a 3.78 GPA and read 131 books.


I keep waking up at 9:30. It’s awful. Three whole hours of my day – gone. I’m tired and cold all the time. I just sit under this blanket Lance’s mom gave me for Christmas and read books and watch MTV and then sleep.

Okay, I don’t hate it that much.


4 Comments to “a handful”

  1. 1. I liked that movie and thought it was a pretty interesting view, but when I watched it the second time, I liked it less. I felt like there was an interesting role reversal there, with Summer being more unattached, uncommitted, and distant, and the boy being all emotional and having freakouts. It was refreshing, but like I said, not that great the second time around. And we found out nothing about (MINI-SPOILER)the next dude who came into her life.

    and really, I don’t have much else to say except to #3, which is that I’m jealous! I have that book on hold, and my next audio listen is going to be The Last American Man. I love Elizabeth Gilbert so much. Have you seen this: http://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_gilbert_on_genius.html

    (maybe you are the one that originally linked to it, allowing me to find it, but it’s so good, did I mention that I love her yet?)

  2. Seriously, we should meet up at ALA. I swear I’m not an axe murderer 🙂 Are you by any chance going to the YA Twitter meetup on Saturday?

    • We should! And I am! I don’t really have a schedule yet – I’m waiting to touch base with some of my classmates and all those discussion groups and committees are intimidating/indecipherable. Did you find anything that looked fun? But I did get a ticket for the Twitter meet-up, so I will see you there for sure!

      And even if you are an axe-murderer, from your pictures you look like you weigh about 75 pounds, so I could probably defend myself 🙂 Just don’t bring an ACTUAL axe.

      • Haha, I don’t own an axe anyway, so I think you’re safe 🙂

        I am sort of playing it by ear – I only have an exhibit pass (my school is paying for it, happy day), so I’ll probably be mostly there. I’ll keep an eye out for you at the Twitter event. How awesome!

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