Reading Resolutions 2010

1. I will read at least 103 books in 2010.

2. I will read one work of fiction written by Barbara Kingsolver.

3. I will read all the 2010 Printz winners and honors.

4. I will read the 2010 Newbery winner.

5. I will read Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

6. I will read Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson

7. I will read Hunger Games #3 by Suzanne Collins

8. I will read Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

9. I will read Real Live Boyfriends by E. Lockhart

10. I will read a nonfiction book on the topic of religion or spirituality.

11. I will read at least 20 young adult fiction books released in 2010.

12. I will read a collection of poetry.

13. I will read a collection of short stories.

14. I will re-read Sarah Dessen’s books, in order of publication.

15. I will read the Twilight Series, unless it makes me gag.

16. I will read 5 books off my Book Bucket List (2 out of 5 does not count)

17. I will continue to keep track of my reading, here and here (Eh, 90% counts)

18. I will get rid of the books I own that I will not be reading over and over again forever and ever.

19. I will read 99% of my assigned reading books.

20. I will read more like Mandy Brown discusses on her simply inspiring blog, A Working Library.

Reading must occur everyday, but it is not just any daily reading that will do. The day’s reading must include at minimum a few lines whose principle intent is to be beautiful—words composed as much for the sake of their composition as for the meaning they convey.

All other goals aside, these will be fun 🙂


3 Comments to “Reading Resolutions 2010”

  1. i’m intrigued to see what wins the newberry, etc. this year. last year’s caught a lot of people by surprise. also to see what they pick for the caldecott, last year’s pick was sort of unpopular with people (though it was a gorgeous book).

    • I thought everyone kissed the ground Neil Gaiman walks on! At least less of a stir than the year before, I’d think, with the Newbery going to a glossy non-fic with pictures and the Caldecott going to a 300 page novel.

      January is always a geeky time for me. I get to go to the announcements this year at ALA, too! Excitement!

      • yeah, people love Gaiman, but i don’t think they ever suspected a Newberry going his way. at least from the librarians and teachers i deal with, and parents it was kind of a shock. i heard a lot of curmudgeonly complaints initially.

        i think with Hugo Cabret it shocked people but as soon as they start leafing through it they are transfixed.

        very cool that you get to be there for the announcement! being on the west coast we end up missing out on being able to frantically order the winners before they’re out of stock. even if we get up early and wait for the announcement with all the orders from the floor and stuff Ingram goes out of stock in a snap. last year we were lucky and had a few of the winners in stock, but they got snapped up that day and then we were out of them for a month or more.

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