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January 2, 2010

2009 Retrospective

In January, I was a pretty boring lady. Applying to grad school. Working. Celebrating five years with my boy. Driving around in the snow and being cold in yet another Michigan winter.

In February, I was excited for the Oscars. But otherwise, things were gray. Still stressing about grad school. Feeling sick and tired a lot. Lance’s dad died unexpectedly. I was bumming out about my inability to write. One day, I had to drive 45 minutes into work and then there was a 50 car pileup on the highway I take to get home. I tried to take back roads and got really lost. And I accidentally took 2 long-lasting, all-day Sudafeds, thinking they were Excedrins.

That pretty much sums up all of February.

In March, I got into Catholic. Then I turned 24. Joy. Then I got into Rutgers. And then I tried having a computer free day once a week. I wish I could pull that off these days… maybe I can still swing it, even though school calls pretty much 24/7.

Oh, and I started making mass amounts of hummus.

Best. Decision. Ever.

In April, I spent a week doing D.C. It was really cool – a first taste of city livin’, good company, good cupcakes, good monuments. My mom called me while I was in the Portrait Museum to tell me I got into Pratt. I got into Simmons. 100% success rate. It got warm out, finally. My spirits were generally lifted…. except then I had to decide where I was going to move in four months and begin to orchestrate the whole thing. Gah. Giving me hives just to remember it.

In May, I had a rip-roaring-ridiculous long weekend in Chicago with Lance and his immediate family. Then my harddrive died, and I lost all pictures from Chicago and DC, except for the handful featured on my blog.

Note to everyone: never put off until tomorrow what pictures you can upload to Facebook today! Also, use your external harddrive properly.

On May 14th, I mailed my deposit to Simmons.

Then the Apple Store fixed my computer, free of charge, and I flew down with my best friend Frances to visit my other best friend Christina in San Antonio. Probably best long weekend of the year. No offense to Lance’s immediate family or anything. And good thing we went when we did, since Ms. Chrissy is moving to Germany this year!

In June, I tried doing Jillian Michaels’s 30 Day Shred. I made it through Level 2, but once I hit Level 3 I was completely fed up and my feet hurt from jumping around so much. And I gained 5 pounds. Probably because I stopped going to the gym, so I won’t malign Jillian Michaels too much.

My family went to Myrtle Beach without me.

Oh, and don’t forget SUMMER READING!!!! Oh boy, oh boy.

In July, I went to my first ALA conference with my mommy. We just took the bus down for a day of exhibitions, but it was a lot of fun. And then two days later, we loaded up the PT Cruiser for a trip to Boston.

Lance and I signed a lease on an apartment. June was a pretty low stress month for me – the decisions had been made – but once you sign a ridiculously expensive lease, then the job pressure begins. So I filled out a lot of applications.

Um. I also watched some really great TV. 16 and Pregnant. Make It Or Break It. I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. And when is NYC Prep coming back? What the heck!

In August, I quit my cushy, lovely library job, Lance and I moved into our apartment.

I started a new job, and started grad classes.

Oh, and it was like 7 thousand degrees.

In September, I did a lot of homework.


So we finally got internet & cable.

In October, Frank and Sadie came to visit. I did more homework. I got to meet this year’s NBA winner. I did more and more homework. And then a little more for good measure.

And I saw Ben Folds play with the Boston Pops orchestra. That was pretty cool.

In November, I did so much homework it made me cry. I watched a lot of Swedish Chef videos.

Also, I got up at 6:30 every weekday, had my third attempt at NaNoWriMo. An attempt thwarted by a cartrip home for Thanksgiving combined with a broken computer screen and all that aforementioned homework.

In December, I did a lot of homework for a few weeks and then I finished and just laid around the apartment for a few days in a stupor.

And then we came home.

And got a pretty kitty.

She’s so cute.