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January 1, 2010

little orange kitty without a name

I have some things to say about the new year, and some things to say about the old year too.

But you see, Lance came down to Jackson last night to ring in 2010, and he brought me this kitty.

I’ve never had an animal of my own responsibility, much less an animal so small. And I’ve never shared a home with a cat.

But last night when I tossed and turned on my sister’s bed, beyond tired but unable to calm my racing heartbeat, my nervous stomach churning away, I thought that this is a little bit like what being a mommy will feel like. So nervous and excited to have something alive, sick with the responsibility, unable to sleep because that baby might stop breathing.

And in the daylight hours, when I could be reading or writing or thinking about 2010, I am watching my kitty sleep, watching her climb the furniture and jump off, watching her lap up kitty formula because we can’t figure out what else to feed her. Isn’t she so cute? She is so cute. She is the cutest kitty of all the kitties, I think. Do you want to see another picture?