25 Things I Like About My Life Today

25 Things I Like About My Life

an exercise to counter

this nasty headache I’ve woken up with.

i blame the combination of 30 degree weather

and my memory foam pillow.

1. I am done with work AND papers on the same day, and then I get FOUR WHOLE DAYS of sweet, sweet nothing.

2. This video and song, of which I am inexplicably obsessed.


High speed internet, that brings new Broadway musical soundtracks into my life in less than 90 seconds.

4. That vending machine… man, I love that vending machine.

5. My apartment lobby filled with packages, everyone doing their online shopping, getting ready for Christmas.

6. Homemade granola. Mmmmmm…

7. Being slightly geeked to write final papers. Such a strange, strange feeling…


Fun Books With Gorgeous Book Covers, Volume I

9. Lance getting a raise. Or more like “Let’s pay you for some work you were already doing.” But our income is really more than I ever imagined at this point. I am really grateful for all that hard work.

10. My blue Christmas tree.

11. Excedrin. Love it. Require it.

12. Even though my apartment is constantly messy, I actually like cleaning. Especially as a procrastination tool.

13. Buying groceries every week, having cupboards full of food.


Season five finale of Weeds. Shocked, jaw-dropped, and wishing this Celia subplot would have come two season back it looks like it will be hilarious


Having Showtime for the first time in my life. New season starts in January!

16. Having a kitten to look forward to.

17. Sudafed. I like Sudafed.

18. RSVPing for a reading featuring

and featuring free wine and cheese and other such delights. this makes me REALLY like my life

19. Going to a party last night that was full of delicious Midwestern food and hospitality. And Catchphrase. Thanks, Sarah & Ben!


Fun Books With Gorgeous Book Covers, Volume II

the inside jacket has this gorgeous pattern… pick this one up for a look


Paper Mario!

22. New semester = new binders, notebooks, highlighters and pens.

23. The heady prospect of almost three weeks at home.

24. Not having any papers due on Monday. wow, this weekend feels nice.



4 Comments to “25 Things I Like About My Life Today”

  1. What a fun list! I still have not read Marcelo. . . I even OWN a copy!

  2. Have you played this game yet? http://www.amazon.com/New-Super-Mario-Bros-Nintendo-Wii/dp/B002BRZ9G0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1260642044&sr=8-1

    Just checked it out from my library. Now obsessed. Also love Paper Mario but we don’t have it at the library. Why is Mario so, so good?

  3. YAY Lady Gaga. Isn’t it the weirdest thing how you can be addicted and at a complete loss to explain WHY?

    And Spring Awakening is amazing. I hear the lead guy (can’t remember his name now) may do a guest spot in Glee – so it’d be a reunion between him and Lea Michele!

  4. Your list inspired me to write my own list of happy things, so thanks! And, I’m so jealous that you can watch Big Love. I love that show! But sadly, I don’t even have normal cable. Also, I don’t know what sorts of books you’re interested in, but this cover always catches my eye at the school I work at and at Borders.

    P.S. I’m glad that you’re excited to write your papers. Just by reading your blog, I can tell that you’re a great writer!

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