My Imaginary Christmas List

I’ve asked my parents for some things – mostly useful things, like kitchen towels – so I guess I have to ask Santa for the rest.

Like this cute chandelier from PBTeen, because my aesthetics have yet to evolve to full-fledged Pottery Barn yet.

…or this print from Logophilia to hang in my kitchen.

And of course, I have academic desires as well as homey apartment ones. Somehow, I really think my academic career requires one of these:

from the MargaretandWalter etsy shop. I don’t remember why exactly I wanted one of these so badly, but I can’t really figure out why not, either.

But I really do need a new set of highlighters

and I will settle for nothing less than th 12 dollar pack of Sharpie Accents. Sorry. I have almost bought myself a pack twice now, but am biding my time. I still have a few hanging in there (the rest I used all the way up to their dried out, squeaking death) but I miss the full set. My life REQUIRES a full set.

And my life requires some fancy new notebooks

Maybe a few Clairefontaines?

And even though I know  would hate using such a tiny, tiny planner, I can’t get my mind off these

Twelve little daily Moleskine planners, one for each month. Be still, my heart.

But I really did ask my parents for this one:

Because exercise is not fitting so neatly into my life right now, and this might be a nice supplement to all my walking. And it’s fun. And I’ve heard it’s even more fun than the first game!

And of course, there are book. A few from the Amazon wishlist would be nice

The Flavor Bible – Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

A Book of Luminous Things – Czeslaw Milosz

Mastering the Art of French Cooking – Julia Child

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn – Betty Smith


7 Responses to “My Imaginary Christmas List”

  1. I totally bought the Moleskine planners at a wicked awesome sell like six months ago and cannot wait to use them!

    I’m the same way. Everything on my list this year is so practical. I must be getting old.

  2. I want Wii Fit Plus toooooo! Also, you need that filing thingy for storytime rhymes, songs, fingerplays, and whatnot. I don’t use one, but I’ve been told that I should, and it would probably work better than checking out the same 5 storytime books when it comes to my frantic “I need to plan a whole 8-week session of storytimes!” moments. I just wish that someone would make one for me and put it in a kit like that and I wouldn’t have to do it. And I wish that they were only full of really good things, instead of Three Blind Mice, Rockabye Baby, Ring Around the Rosey, and other terrifying things that I refuse to put into my storytimes.

  3. Faryle said wicked awesome! Haha! And we’re supposed to be the Bostonians.


    Borders IS having that 40% off sale……I will have to look into the price of the moleskins for you!

  4. Thanks for appreciating my print! Here’s at code for 10% off: GIVEZAZZLE09.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. I can’t believe you would post those Moleskine planners without some sort of cut or warning. “CAUTION! Those who have unhealthy obsessions with office supplies, do not scroll further.”

    Ok, it wouldn’t have stopped me. But seriously, I must have those. I wonder if my mom’s sick of me adding things to my Xmas list yet…

  6. Those Moleskine planners are incredible. WOW.


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