final stretch

The semester is almost over, and I have yet to feel like I “have a grip on things.” I don’t feel settled. I don’t feel at home. I don’t feel equipped to handle anything extra, any emergencies, any fun, life bonuses. My weeks still fly by me before I have the chance to sit down and look at them. My weekends are rarely a respite.

But I’m really okay with that. Maybe it’s a sorry attitude toward life, but this is what I signed up for. Eleven graduate credits and twenty hours of work. I’m turning my papers in on time, have 99% perfect attendance, and I’ve read 69 books.

And now, there are only three left on the syllabus.

It’s almost over.

What will next semester be like?

How can I do it better?

3 Comments to “final stretch”

  1. I was nodding along until the paragraph where you reveal you’re actually ok with things. I’m still not. But here’s hoping next semester will be better.

    • I think my “I’m okay with it” was really a veiled hope that this semester was a fluke. A clusterfuck. I’m taking 2 lit classes, one being notoriously difficult, so I’ve come to accept that my life will be miserable and difficult for this semester.

      A nice kind of thing to accept, oh, the last week of classes, eh?

      • I’m in 2 lit classes too. Accidentally, I didn’t really realize one counted as a lit class, and therefore had the requirements of a lit class. That’s why I’m cautiously optimistic that next semester will be better – NO lit classes!

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