substance abuse

When I was on my epic Thanksgiving Adventure, I had a lot of caffeine. Because I was doing a lot of driving, and driving requires caffeine (or at least from what I remembered, seeing as I don’t drive in Boston). Also, hanging out with my sisters requires caffeine, if for no other reason than to just keep up with their very welcome, albeit constant demands. (“Let’s drive to Manchester!” “My cookie dough is broken! Fix it!”)

I expected some kind of backlash. As you might remember, all I usually drink is 1 can of Diet Something and get on with my life. But I had Rockstars. Canned doubleshots. Multiple cans of Diet Somethings. Felt no worse for the wear.

Once a week or so, I do go to Starbucks here, to get a single shot of something sweet. Mostly to combat a VERY tired morning, or to help with that Thursday, Why Can’t It Be Friday slump.

This morning was one of those VERY tired mornings, and I woke knowing I had a lot on my plate. I was late to my appointment at the Apple Store, had to miss morning class, and have been in the school library ever since pushing out this paper that is SO. EPICALLY. BAD. Then I have a few hours of class to look forward to! And we didn’t get home until 9 last night.

So I ordered a Double Tall Peppermint Mocha with Skim Milk and Whipped Cream. Delicious. My mood was sky high this morning, especially when the Geniuses called me at TEN A.M. to tell my computer was done, and they quoted me 80 bucks less than the other Geniuses. I was talking fast, talking loudly, typing and printing and checking the internet and listening to music! And being so happy about it all! In control.

And now, I’m hazy in the caffeine crash. I’m hot and cold and weird, my stomach feeling crazy, not sure what to do with the food it was so hungry for, and I feel distinctly like I need to detox. Like it was a mistake. Like I want nothing more than to fast forward time until I can sleep and start over again in the morning.

You let me down again, caffeine. You lift me up, then drop me on my ass, and I feel like an idiot. Again.

2 Comments to “substance abuse”

  1. Oh, that picture is like caffeine porn. If you’re going to detox, better stay away from pictures like that!

  2. i get so happy when they bring out the holiday cups.

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