brain food

It feels a little unhealthy to be as obsessed with food as I am. I sometimes envy those who regularly forget to eat, or people who eat so casually and infrequently as if they aren’t eating, just refueling.

But my new best friend, Michael Pollan, assures me that some level of emotional attachment to food is a good thing. It’s probably not okay to kill your existential pain with bowls of ice cream and bags of Cheetos (the crunchy kind, please), but it’s okay to think about food, to think about what particular food you might want to eat, to think about how that kind of food will affect your morning/day/sleep/waistline, et cetera. And it’s okay to think about all that and say “whatever, I want some gd Twinkies.” Every so often.

You’ll have to read In Defense of Food to really logic that one out, but trust me, if Michael Pollan says it, I’m buying it.

Anywho. I have always felt strongly about the healing properties of well-placed snack. I have had a rough weekend. At a time I am usually doing my reading for tomorrow’s classes, I am still writing my paper for tomorrow’s classes. Which means the reading is not done. Which means the NaNo writing isn’t getting done. Which means I am crying.

So I made myself a Magical Get Yourself Together Snack.

Part I:

Photo 235

Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its,

for deliciousness.

Part II:

Photo 236Macintosh apple with PB & Nutella,

for micronutrients,


and blood sugar.

Part III:

Photo 240

Ice water,

for watery wonderfulness.

Part IV:


for health, immunity, and energy.

Although stay far, far away from this flavor.

It is so gross.

I have to plug my nose, tip back my throat

and pretend it’s tequila.

Two hours later, my reading is still untouched, but my paper looks like it will be written by tomorrow. My hope is that it will be finished by 3:30 tomorrow, and won’t be so convoluted she will make me rewrite because it’s not Deconstructionist enough.

That is it.

Maybe I need to invent a Magically Optimistic Wonder Meal next.

3 Comments to “brain food”

  1. ahhh yes, mr. pollan is next on my list. that snack looks amazing.

    • It was amazing, actually. Quite recommended. And you will love Pollan, I think, because he is like this Food Guru Dad you never had kind of writer. His arguments are very commonsense and eating advice simple and intuitive. Thanks for stopping by šŸ™‚

  2. I am greatly amused by this post.

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