bork bork bork

Did I tell you how excited I am for Thanksgiving?

I want to see my sisters. Wait. Let me correct that emphasis. I WANT TO SEE MY SISTERS! That’s better. I also want to see my parents and my doggies and my friends and play The Sims 3.

Nevermind I will have my regular homework obligations to fulfill, as well as NaNoWriMo wordcounts.

It’s going to be one heck of a weekend. Good thing I like road trips. I even like two 16 hour road trips in 5 days. We’re leaving on Wednesday, coming back to Boston on Sunday. Back to class and work on Monday.

I also want to eat some torkey. Specifically, leftover torkey. Mmmmm hot browns. If you guys haven’t had hot browns yet, you should probably give up on life. Or make some. I’ll post the recipe sometime.

This entry was brought to you by the powers of procrastination. Deconstruction is hard. And by hard, I mean impossible. And by impossible, I mean, I should probably give up on life. And by that, I mean, I’m going home to eat hot browns and I’m not coming back.

2 Comments to “bork bork bork”

  1. Just so you know – I will come to Michigan and drag you back to school. Hot browns and all. You cannot leave me here to write crazy papers, listen to stupid classmates, and figure out Boston life alone. Also so you can make me these mythical hot browns that I have never even heard of before.

    • if you have leftover turkey from your Thanksgiving escapades, I will make you some hot browns!

      if i come back….


      i will try to come back. my paper is going a little better now. that doesn’t mean I’ve started to write it. but it might come to existence before Monday afternoon. maybe.

      also, are you going to this drinking/eating fiesta as advertised on the CHL facebook group? i’m thinking i could use a margarita…

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