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November 9, 2009

i’ll take it

My weekends are hard to peg.

On one hand, I usually can’t wait until 2 pm on Friday. Two whole days (and an afternoon) to myself! Sleeping in! Wine drinking! Apartment cleaning! Grocery shopping! Lance! Lance! Lance!

These are the kind of things that turn my crank.

I do get to do those things. But when I’m not at the grocery or scrubbing the tiles of my bathroom, I’m probably holed up in my room, trying to read Derrida, trying to write a paper on the oldest book I read all year, trying not to cry because I suddenly have 8 hours to do all the work I thought I could do over the weekend.

Now I have a crazy little thing called NaNoWriMo in the mix. During the week, I dreamily imagine catching up on my wordcount, permitting a little weekday slacking in the name of classes and reading and general brain fatigue.

Saturday was the first day I haven’t met my daily quota. And I missed it by a whopping 900 words.

And didn’t get any schoolwork done save for reading The Hundred Dresses a hundred times and trying not to cry so loud that Lance couldn’t hear himself playing the saxophone.

Sunday, I did the impossible. I did finish my paper. A B minus paper. I gave up on Derrida, but did run my eyes over all the reading. I thought about what a nice dinner I had with Ms. Anné Thompson and her mommy, and how fun it would be if she moved to Boston. I caught up on my missing words. I read some more on that book not on my syllabus and finished the one that was.

And I did acquire two things that my heart has been desiring. Desiring badly badly.

Exhibit #1:

Photo 228

The exact TV stand I was eying from IKEA. I don’t even want to talk to you about The Furniture Wars around this apartment. Let’s just say I’m dying to decorate and Lance is dying to do other things. Like eat food and buy gas and things. Anyway, somebody WHO LIVED TWO BLOCKS AWAY FROM US bought it last weekend, put it together, and decided it was too big. Posted it on Craigslist for 35 bucks.

And now it’s mine.

Exhibit #2:

Three years ago, I bought a pair of jeans. I ripped a hole in the crotch earlier in the summer and had Betsy sew me a patch. I put them on and went to work. They were my favorite jeans – comfy and stretchy and made my butt look nice, and long enough – but they cost me 75 bucks. So I was hoping to squeeze another year or two. Get my money’s worth.

Unfortunately, the other side of the crotch began to shred recently, and since I no longer travel by car, I can’t keep spare pants in my trunk in case of emergencies. So I stopped wearing them. Which meant I needed to wear my other pair of jeans, the ones purchased in 2003 when my butt was a bit smaller than it is now. And before I developed a physical aversion to that phenomenon known as Muffin Top. As in, I would rather go pantsless than have the side of my hips be gouged (or touched, really) by denim.

Enter, Filene’s Basement.

Where I did a silly thing. I bought a pair of jeans a size BIGGER than my favorite jeans, which were actually a size bigger than I would have liked to think I could wear. And they are LOOSE. Which makes me feel skinny, like my jeans are making me look fatter than I am, and like I need to figure out how to induce shrinkage/alter pants.

Photo 232

But they were 25 bucks.

Two problems solved for 60 USD.