single can


Can you believe that, 6 days out of 7, this is my only caffeine fix?

One single can.

This is Jessica, speaking. Jessica. Jessica who orders a triple shot if she’s feeling extra groggy in the a.m. Jessica who could drink two Rockstars in one day. Jessica who was identifiable at the gas station on the corner, the Beaners, the Starbucks. Jessica who could drink three Rockstars in one day.

I haven’t had a little canned Starbucks Doubleshot since August.

Oh, so much has changed in so little time!

I’m getting tired just thinking about it.

3 Comments to “single can”

  1. I am RIGHT THERE with you. I’ve had two energy drinks this week, though. Venom, not Monster. And I’m planning to leave in just a few minutes so I can hit up a coffee place before work. But I’ve cut down on caffeine sooo much. Some days I have NONE.

    And you know what? It doesn’t make me feel better. Lesson learned!

    • NOT having caffeine doesn’t make you feel better? Then by all means, drink away!

      I don’t really miss my extreme amounts of caffeine. It’s nice to be able to consider a caffeinated beverage without feeling sick about it since I’ve already had too much. And I think my disposition is a little better. This could also be the lack of 8 hour work days, but I never get that I-WANT-TO-DIE-RIGHT-NOW slump at around 3 or 4 either.

      I’m indifferent to caffeine. Eh. But boy oh boy do I look forward to that can of diet whatever each morning.

  2. I don’t drink extreme amounts of caffeine, but when I don’t get my normal dose in the morning, I definitely feel it later. I quite every once in a while just to prove I can, but I keep going back.

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