dream life

Already scheduling for next semester. Collegiate 16-week calendars are fun like that.

And I love what I’m seeing, on both sides of my dual degree.

A semester spent learning about Reference Services? Youth Media in Libraries? And top it off with The Picturebook? Yes, please. 

Adjusting to grad school life after being away from academia for so long has been rough, but come ON, my schedule for next Fall may very well include courses on Information Organization, Library Services for Young Adults, and Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I don’t even LIKE Fantasy and Sci-Fi that much and my heart’s fluttering.

Even now, as I scramble every week to read, struggle to remember how to write, and come home many nights ready to weep, there is something awesome about learning from professors whose passions are my passions, and who have made respectable careers out of pursuing them. I am reading so many books they are coming out of my ears – 40 or so books so far in the semester – but I am so happy to be FORCED into reading these books that I would have overlooked, that I always “meant” to read, that made those awards lists so many years ago. I’m meeting with authors. I get emails informing me of publishing internships available.

Even if I’m in debt until I’m 50, unemployed until I die, I will look back on these intense years and think “DAMN I learned what I wanted to learn and it was awesome.”

And for two years, my life was difficult,  but in a glamorous kind of way.


5 Comments to “dream life”

  1. Sometimes I wish my life were difficult in a glamorous sort of way!

  2. I’m not that appreciative of my experience yet, but looking at the next semester’s class schedules ALWAYS excites me. Such possibilities!

  3. I was just thinking this today after I turned in a midterm paper. I was not open to talking about the joy of grad school yesterday when I was still frantically writing that midterm. It’s a strange, often tedious and exhausting and even boring life, but I love it too.

  4. Oh, and I’ve been meaning to write a post about how lucky I feel to study something I care so much about and with professors who are so passionate and smart. It’s a great feeling, right?

  5. You’re totally making me miss grad school.

    Would you mind emailing me the syllabus for your classes if you have copies? I’d love to take a look at them!

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