black holes and revelations

For the past two years, I dragged my ass out of bed at 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. It was painful. I never wanted to wake up, I was rushed, I forgot things, and by the time I hit I-94, I was falling asleep at the wheel

I wasn’t getting 8 hours of sleep

Apparently, I NEED 8 hours of sleep.

This is probably a strange thing to learn after almost 25 years of life, but it explains a thousand dollars spent on Rockstars and Mochas and why I am so much happier on the weekends than the weekdays.

This also might be the answer to the argument my father and I have once every six months or so, the one that goes “You’ll grow up and love work,” and then I say “No way, work sucks.” Well get THIS people…. work sucks a lot less if you’re not completely EXHAUSTED.

Anyway, the reason I bring it up is because I got 8 hours of sleep the night before last, and yesterday morning I was so dang CHEERFUL it was kind of weirding me out. Last night, however, I got 7 because somebody kept snoring in my ear. So this morning, right now, if I were driving I would be a hazard to my fellow driver. I’m beat. I’m looking counting down minutes until that exciting 5 minute walk down to Starbucks, even though it’s really cold outside.

Yeah, you heard me. I had the chance to move whereever my heart desired, and I desired to move somewhere else where October means 35 degree mornings. 10 years of Michigan just wasn’t enough for me. What’s really tragic is my lack of proper winter clothing. I left a suitcase full of winter garments at my parents’ house, and they are just now making it into the mail. I also desired to move to somewhere where the mail is slower than cold molasses. The box was in the mail two Fridays ago. My sweaters, my long-sleeved things, my winter coat are in USPS limbo. I got so cold even as to buy ANOTHER coat, which is a little silly, since it now is also in USPS limbo. The Gap sucked me in though, with it’s 20% off sale, ending THAT NIGHT, and it’s Tall sizing for ladies over 5’9″ which means I could order a medium without worrying about chilly wrists.

I am glad I have two coats in the mail. Because in the meantime, I’m rocking the Gigantic Man Coat

Which complements most every outfit.

Before I go, I want to share two nice things that happened to me yesterday.

Nice Thing #1:

Tuesday night, I read a book for class. It was a pretty cool book, I thought.

Wednesday morning, it got nominated for a National Book Award

“Wow!” I said. “How strange that I read the book about 12 hours before this announcement.” I went to class, and my friend Elena and I got to break the exciting news to our classmates. It was a fun little moment of my day.

Then I remembered, “Hey, that’s they guy who’s coming to my class next week to answer all of our burning Phillip Hoose questions!”

So in 6 days, I get to mingle with a two-time NBA finalist.

That’s the life I lead these days. Glamorous. To go with my Man Coat.

Nice Thing #2:

I got my Woodson paper back and got an A. My first A of grad school! Yippee!

Probably because I got 8 hours of sleep, don’t you think?

Now? Off to find that elusive Shot of Espresso…


One Comment to “black holes and revelations”

  1. I too am just now learning/appreciating the value of 8ish hours of sleep every night. My latest goal is to go to bed at or before 1a, and wake up at a decent hour. Preferably 7… but then again 8 hours usually makes me feel sluggish. I think I’m a 6 hour gal. This comment seems poorly organized, but I’m too lazy to backspace and correct it. Sorry.

    I too moved to a chilly place. It’s been freeeeeeezing this week, and it was a little chilly last week. I had only brought one sweater and one long sleeved (yet thin) jacket with me. Luckily as soon as it started to get fall-ish, I had my mom send my stuff, and Tuesday I got a huuuuuge box of hoodies and jackets and sweaters and long-sleeved shirts! I’m warm today.

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