what will i read on the train?

Through a strange twist of scheduling, I am free of reading obligations for the next 7 days.

This seems a lot longer to me than it does to you, I’m sure.

What will I do with 7 full days of not reading?

– Prepare for my 90 minute Marxism presentation on Monday, as to wow my student audience alongside my groupmates?

– Take the opportunity to read a Non-Required book? Like this one sitting on my shelf?

– Get ahead on my reading? This is the logical step, but getting too ahead could be bad for business. A little bit ahead, maybe, but not too much.

– Embark on a non-school related project. Plot out something with which to attempt NaNoWriMo (which could be the worst idea I’ve ever had)? Perhaps a decorating-type craft? Cook up meals to freeze for the long winter? Train for a marathon?

– Relax, catch up on TV, call everyone I haven’t talked to, or maybe even Lounge?

It’s a strange feeling. Yesterday was an academic holiday for the undergrads, so I was excused from work. The first weekday since the semester began that I didn’t have to be on the train by 8:30. I woke up at 8:00, and, after I had breakfast, found myself wondering if I should just go to school anyway.

My gears are officially shifted. I am a strange grad-student person who doesn’t know what to do when her assignments are taken away.

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