every little thing

I’m reticent to talk about how things really are here, for me. Or to even think about my life with any sort of distance or perspective. I like bits of my day – making eggs and watching House at 7:00 every morning, seeing Lance for the first time every evening, sitting on the green line and reading. There are bits I don’t like, too. Like how my shower curtain sticks to me. How my job runs me a little ragged sometimes. How I’m constantly behind in my schoolwork, feeling like I just don’t have the TIME to give it my best effort. That one gets me. I’d really like to research outside of my assigned reading, to take the next step, to re-read books as they are referenced, to revise my papers 6 times before turning them in. But I can’t.

This week was rotten, in terms of the bad bits, but the good bits were still there.

I didn’t have time to read The Secret Garden. I missed out on an hour and a half of sleep and it REALLY messed me up. I’ve had two days and two severe headaches. Lance has to pay half his health insurance premiums.

But, you know.

I don’t have school on Monday or work on Tuesday.

Frank and Sadie are coming in tomorrow.

Jim and Pam got married.

It’s all okay.


2 Comments to “every little thing”

  1. I missed it last night but watched it online tonight. Swoon.

    I turned to hubby during the last boat scene and asked, “Do you love me like that?”


    Mouth open, diatribe on its way.

    “I love you more than that.”

    Haha, cheesiness abounds!!!

  2. Our shower curtain sticks to me too. Bleck.

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