basket case

Oh, my goodness.

I can’t even begin to explain how my weeks get away from me, but they do.

Oh wait, I can!

Let me introduce you to a little class called Literary Criticism of Children’s Literature. The class meets on Monday, from 3:30-6:30. Enlightening lecture, where we discuss a certain school of Lit. Crit., after having read 50-100 pages of associated Lit. Theory, and then we apply this critical method to two novels that we also have read.

For example, last week we talked about archetypal criticism, which I found totally fascinating. For class, I read 70 pages of Jung, 50 pages of Campbell, a 10 page article analyzing The Secret Garden for archetypal themes according to Frye, another 8 page article that I forgot to read, and a short article where Natalie Babbit talked about identifying archetypes in her own writing. We read two novels as well – a short collection of autobiographical short stories by Francisco Jimenez called The Circuit, which chronicled his childhood as a migrant fruit & vegetable picker in California, and a 1970’s Newbery Winner, M.C. Higgins, The Great.

In class, we talked about archetypes, and then what kind of archetypal stories and symbols were going on in each book.

Class dismissed.

I go home and have the evening excused from work. I still have reading – for my OTHER classes – but I don’t think about Lit. Crit. on Monday nights. Mostly because if I did, I would probably cry.

Tuesday. On Tuesday, I have to read one of the novels for the next Lit Crit class. Like this week, I read Keesha’s House, by Helen Frost which I really REALLY liked.

On Wednesday, I have to write a paper on the book I read on Monday. 400-600 words, applying the literary criticism from the past class to this week’s new novel. So this week, I wrote an archetypal analysis of Keesha’s House. Although writing papers on Wednesday nights is problematic because I have class until 6:30, and Glee gets in the way.

Thursday. On Thursday, I have to get cracking on the copious amounts of theory reading for the next week’s class. We’re moving on to feminism. I haven’t actually started this yet, since it wasn’t posted until recently, but I don’t think the reading will be in the 100+ pages realm. I don’t THINK…

On Friday, I read the additional novels for next week’s class, and think about them from with regards to NEXT week’s theory. This week I read Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally) by Lisa Yee and Toning the Sweep by Angela Johnson with an eye toward feminist theory. Although I haven’t READ my feminist theory, so I will probably feel very confused in class.

On Saturday, I can revise the crap out of my paper. And it will need revising. Our TA – who got her job on the merit of her lit. crit. skills – said she had to revise her papers 6 times before she turned them in. Ouch.

And Sunday? Sunday is a day of rest.


And then add to that…

  • 20 hours of work
  • General house upkeep
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Doing laundry
  • Calling people
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Work for 2 other classes
  • If you’re lucky, like I am THIS weekend? You can do an extra 50 pages of lit theory reading to prepare for a group project. Yay!

So yeah, that’s where my week goes. Every week. I’ll figure it out. I’LL FIGURE IT OUT! I’LL KEEP TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT UNTIL DECEMBER AND THEN IT WILL BE OVER!


One Comment to “basket case”

  1. dang, that sounds like my world story class. it exhausts me to the point i kinda just … dont do the work. horrible!

    tell us about your other classes, you know, if you get a chance to breathe again this week.

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