make my fridge happy

Dear Trader Joes,

Here are 6 reasons why I love you:


Kettle Chips – Really Big Bag – 3.25


Salmon Burgers – 5.00 for 5


Smoked Gouda – 3.00


Pesto Tortellini – 3.99


Goat’s Cheese – 3.79 for the REALLY BIG package


Sauvignon Blanc – 2.99

Mwah. Kiss Kiss. I love you. Not neccessarily on Sunday afternoon at Coolidge Corner, but Wednesday night? Wednesday night is alright.

Sincerely yours,



6 Comments to “make my fridge happy”

  1. I’m coming over for dinner.

  2. I just finally finally finally moved near a Trader Joe’s and wow, it’s the best thing ever.

  3. hilarious post!

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