On 3c

Some side effects of moving to The Big City:

1) My Payless flip-flops are not cutting it for the amount of walking I do.

1a) Neither are my Payless non-flip-flops

2a) I think I need me a pair of these. Preferably a left and a right.

2) My wardrobe seems suddenly lacking.

2a) I only have two cardigan.

2b) Baby-blue argyle only works with so many outfits.

2c) Everyone else is so well-dressed!

2d) I wear the same cardigan every day.

3) I feel like a grown up, now that I am doing grown up things like balancing budgets/paying rent/doing the dishes every night before bed. And washing my face.

3a) Grown ups surely deserve nicer things than non-grown ups.

3b) Like non-Payless shoes.

3c) And make-up and skin care products not purchased at a drug store.

So, ladies, I might be going to Sephora this afternoon to buy a few things:

1. Facial soap

2. Foundation

3. Loose powder

On #1, I am pretty much decided on Clinique Liquid Facial Soapsince I happen to have Step Two and Step Three of the Clinique regime in my possession. And it’s pretty cheap (well, 15 dollars is a lot, but it’s not TOO much). However, I need help with #2 and #3.

Facts About My Face:

1. I am paler than pasty.

2. I have some freckles.

3. I have some redness/pimples/dark circles.

4. My skin qualifies as Combination – I am dry-dry-dry after a shower, but greasy-greasy by the end of a day’s work.

5. I burned my forehead with my curling iron yesterday.

So what I’m looking for is:

– Something lightweight. I like tinted moisturizers for the summer, liquids sometimes, or that fluffy whipped stuff they put in little pots. Something that will even me out, hide pimples a little, but not turn me into a freckle-less white-canvas-face.

– Something that won’t give me Orange Face – White Neck syndrome. Even the palest of the CoverGirl options aren’t pale enough, really.

– Some loose powder so I don’t feel like a grease ball.

Any suggestions?

Really, anything. Even if you’re an olive-tinted Mediterranean goddess or a Nubian princess.

I’ve never spent more than 10 bucks on make-up, and I don’t want to waste my money on a sub-par brand.

What do you use, and love?


5 Comments to “On 3c”

  1. Baby powder. I swear..

  2. I use bare essentials mineral make-up and I love it. I think it meets all your qualifications.

  3. Girl, you haven’t seen pale til you’ve seen my 100-watt skin.

    I use the Zia brand, which you can get at Whole Foods or other natural food stores. They have a nice, pale shade that’s perfect. And it’s all natural, too!

  4. I felt the exact same way today trying to buy shampoo. ACK!

  5. For my foundation, I use – and LOOOOVE – Maybelline Pure Makeup.
    I use Porcelain Ivory which is the lightest of the light, and it’s perfect. For a while I switched to Cover Girl in the glass bottle because it was cheap but I HAD to switch back because CG was all thick & oily and cakey and too dark.

    The Maybelline is fluffy, goes on smooth, is not thick, and blends in perfectly. I have tried a million different things but keep going back to it.
    I think you already said you went to Sephora, but… I’m just sayin’ – for future reference 🙂

    (Never have I written such a long ode to makeup… heh)

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