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September 15, 2009

again tomorrow

Okay, so maybe yesterday wasn’t my day.

But today?

* I worked for 6 hours. That’s 78 dollars, minus taxes.

* I navigated my school library, found my course reserves, read them, and turned them back in.

* I took a nap.

* I cleaned up my apartment.

* I decided that The Big Bang Theory may not be the show for me. No Laughing Out Loud in 4 episodes.

* I returned a movie to the library before fines accrued.

* I read two books for class tomorrow.

* I watched an episode of LOST.

* I printed off my required reading for next week.

* I took out the trash.

* I made a Gantt Chart for the rest of my semester.

* I made Chicken Stroganoff (minus Worcestershire, chicken broth, and with canned mushrooms)

* I made cookie dough to bake tomorrow.

* I did all the dishes and then messed some of them up again.

* I beat an All-Star match on Super Smash Brothers.

Let’s just call 9-15-09 a win.