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September 14, 2009


I had this uplifting post in mind, about how well my grad school experience is running. I mean, I have a set schedule – Work 9-2, then errands or class or home to take a nap – and Lance has a job, and we have some money and things are hunky dory, right? I wanted to tell you about my Contemporary Considerations class, where I walked in feeling completely intimidated but shortly found this voice inside me that can somehow say smart things about books that I love and how totally cool that is? How people seem to be nice, friendly, generally like-minded?

I was going to write about all that.

Then today happened.

It’s okay, it really is. I will get through it, I will figure it out. But today I had class, I had too much reading to finish for class, the kind of reading that made me claw at my eyeballs in Freed’s lit theory class (and also seems to have left my mind except for a sense of vague familiarity with the names Levi-Strauss, Todorov, Derrida, like people I met and thought were interesting but never really thought I’d run into again), and then there was class that doubled my reading load, tripled my work load, and generally left me wanted to leave class immediately so I would have time to prepare for next week.

So no, I have nothing uplifting to say today, except that Lance keeps listening to “I’ll Be There” by the Jackson 5 and I love it every time.