the best one

Woke up at 7. On a weekend. Three fried eggs, and some brownie left over from last night. Green line to Government Center, then the blue to the Aquarium. It was raining a lot, but we had an umbrella.

Faneuil Hall for a few hours, in the rain. Gyro for lunch. Thanks, Lance’s Mommy. Back on the T. Wait 20 minutes for a train at Government Center, and the one that eventually shows is jammmmpacked and goes out of service three stops from home.

Mailbox. Teaching contract in the mail, with a mysterious 800 dollars added to the yearly salary.

Rejoicing! Also – discovering that our door’s buzzer doesn’t work, potato salad, finishing some books for class, and the arrival of


Caught the end of the U of M game and spent a little time on the phone with a Comcast techie from Canada who asked me if my router was curvaceous. Then out to Staples (graph paper, router), Borders & Barnes and Noble (planner fail), and home. Where Season 5 of LOST finally awaited us, as well as wireless internet, cable television, and a beer.

Life is well.

4 Comments to “the best one”

  1. Sounds lovely. Especially LOST. . .oh I love that show. We just finished Season 5 last week and MAN, it was good.

    • we’ve been waiting for SO LONG to finish this season! i wish i could watch more, but alas, i have a looooot of homework. I saw you made it out to Kashmir! We went to Diva Lounge, Kashmir’s sister restaurant out in Davis Square in Somerville, with a free coupon up to 20 bucks that we found in random newspaper. The buffet was okay, but I thought the Chicken Masala was MUCH too rich. We’ll have to give Kashmir a try though! My bf is obsessed with Indian food.

  2. See, everything works out! You went out there with this huge rent and no jobs and now look at things – very inspiring! 🙂

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