Mr. MacD for short

“Be quiet, kids! I’m busy eating celebratory pistachio ice cream here! Now play me some Sousa!”


Oh, and next I get to go to Elena’s house and watch Glee! This day is awesome!

9 Comments to “Mr. MacD for short”

  1. YAY! Big congratulations.

    • aww, thank you! it’s a lot easier finding teaching jobs in Massachusetts than in Michigan, that’s for sure! yay for educators!

  2. aww way to go! that’s a relief

    • i know! MONEY! YAY! although it will be sad to see that Whole Foods discount go. actually it’s already gone. he gave his 0 weeks notice this morning. right after he got me addicted to some special tea that costs 4 dollars a bottle. way to go, Lance.

  3. weee! fabulous. 🙂 What a relief for you guys.
    What did you think of Glee? I watched about 3/4 of it… wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be – I thought it was going to be more, uh, musical. But still could be interesting to follow.

    • i know, it’s very exciting! we would have made it by with Whole Foods paychecks but it would have been poor living. now we’ll be skating just over the poverty line, lol.

      I did like Glee! But yeah, it could have used more music. Did you like the scene where they were handed a new sheet of music and then were able to sing it perfectly AND throw in some dancing? Haaaaahahaha

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