up to date

The Classes

Have begun. However, Labor Day has put a damper upon the academia. With one Wednesday course and two Mondays, my homework thus far consists of reading books, in particular the books of Jacqueline Woodson. I’d never read hers before, but I’m not having any problem running through her entire ouevre. Favorites include The House You Pass Along The Way and Autobiography of a Family Photo. I’m reading about 6 books a week, but the books are occasionally of the picture book genre and rarely over 100 pages.

However, I recently received syllabi for my additional two classes, and then things should get interesting. Articles with fun titles like “Formalisms: Russian Formalism and New Criticism” galore. Oh, and read the introductions to all 12 chapters of your text book too!

The Job

No, I’m not blogging about my job. But I’m not working at Target or Borders. I’m working for my school, for the undergraduate honors program. So far it’s a pretty tight gig – desk sittin’, answerin’ questions, doin’ projects – stuff that seems familiar. The interesting part of the job is how I work for one professor but sit at the desk of an admin assistant who used to service two professors and a handful of adjuncts. Do I know where that other guy went? Um, no. He might have said something about a meeting. No I don’t know where last year’s performance reviews are, and I didn’t make copies of your syllabus. I have absolutely no idea. 75% of the day I must come off as the most incompetent secretary alive.

The Life

Is okay. I’m not so busy, and I might have mentioned some levels of ennui. But they are manageable. I wish my apartment was a great deal prettier. I read the Apartment Therapy book, and my apartment is too far away from even an 8-step cure. It doesn’t have a a color problem – it has NO color. It doesn’t have bad furniture – it has NO furniture. It doesn’t have cheap things that need to be substantialed up – it needs some cheap things. It’s a cash-flow problem, I know, but it drives me up a wall not being able to attend to it.

When I’m not kvetching about my abode or reading Jacqueline Woodson books or watching movies rented from the library or bemoaning my absentee boyfriend who has worked 60 hours or so since last Wednesday, I am trying to be Social Jessica.

It’s surprisingly easy.

A departure, yes, I have met with a new friend a few times and even adventured to meet an old friend from New Jersey. NEW JERSEY. That’s a 10-years-ago friend.

The people are generally nice. I’ve received shopping advice on the 39 bus. A Unitarian pastor from Flint offered us a business card and a welcome to the city. We have a new neighbor who plays the marimba and Lance has a funk-band playing coworker who lives one street over. And we have visitors coming soon!

Lance’s mother will be here on Wednesday night.

Which means a countdown to buy that kitchen trash can…


4 Comments to “up to date”

    • It’s not BAD ennui. I had way worse ennui in Michigan. But it’s there. I should really shut up though because I’m sure I will be busy beyond belief in a month and crying myself to sleep, wishing I had time for ennui.

  1. Ah, you crack me up. As always.

    I’ve only read one Woodson novel (Feathers, maybe?) so I need to check out some more…

    • Woodson is good! Old school good. I’ve been immersed in New! Flashy! YA! lately, it’s kind of good to get back into the quieter stuff, and to read her from beginning to end is really fun from a wannabe writer’s point of view.

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