this day feels longer

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

I am now well-versed in filling the hours.

Cleaning the apartment? 30-40 minutes

Making deviled eggs? 30 minutes to cook, 5 to mix, 20 to cool

Eating enough deviled eggs to make yourself sick? 2-3 hours

A pre-feature movie will take an hour and a half, but the Main Presentation starts at 10. That way it runs until bedtime.

A shower is quick. Wii can eat up hours and can accompany reading of class materials.

A call to a friend can be stretched to over an hour.

A walk to the store and the library and home – 60-90 minutes.

A load of laundry is 40 to wash and 120 to dry. That’s about 16 minutes per item of clothing that will fit into the machines.

It’s not like my life was overflowing with activity previously. It’s the empty apartment that makes the hours feel like days, and the tiny space with it’s shining white walls that makes me feel like a widow.

A Whole Foods widow.


One Comment to “this day feels longer”

  1. When do your classes start? Are you working at Target? BLOG, I’m so out of it!

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