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September 28, 2009

the other thing

I wonder if I have too many expectations for my writing, even here, the single place where my habit of writing has maintained itself during my adulthood. I am an inconsistent personal-journaler, leaving my diaries filled with tragedy after (relative) tragedy and nothing of the days in between. I don’t correspond. I flirt with Morning Pages but let them fall to the every whim of my personal schedule.

But I do blog. And I sometimes pay attention to my unintentional patterns. Lately, I don’t feel compelled to write unless I have something specifically to say. This is probably a good rule for any writer to follow. However, I sometimes miss the feeling I would get at the information desk of Park Library, sitting down for a shift, readying myself for work by telling the internet whatever popped into my mind for a few minutes.

Without considering a dumb blog post to be any representation of my best writing, a substantial part of myself, or considering it something that has to be cohesive and maybe uplifting if not vaguely positive.

So I’ll tell you today that I got a B on my first paper, which is fine, but my instructors comments were disheartening in regards to the following: No, I really don’t know what I’m doing yet, and No, there will probably not be an easy way to write these weekly papers.

I’ll tell you that you should really get into the practice of changing into Out of Work clothes when you get home, especially when you don’t have a washer/dryer. You’ll probably drop chicken salad on your shirt, the same shirt you were going to wear later in the week, and will have to rinse it in the bathroom sink and hang it over the curtain rod in the shower.

I’ll tell you that I could be going to see Neil Gaiman and M.T. Anderson speak (among others) but have tickets to see Ben Folds and the Boston Pops, so I’m not.

And I’ll tell you that you should watch this video

September 25, 2009

make my fridge happy

Dear Trader Joes,

Here are 6 reasons why I love you:


Kettle Chips – Really Big Bag – 3.25


Salmon Burgers – 5.00 for 5


Smoked Gouda – 3.00


Pesto Tortellini – 3.99


Goat’s Cheese – 3.79 for the REALLY BIG package


Sauvignon Blanc – 2.99

Mwah. Kiss Kiss. I love you. Not neccessarily on Sunday afternoon at Coolidge Corner, but Wednesday night? Wednesday night is alright.

Sincerely yours,


September 23, 2009

makeup redux

The results of last week’s Great Makeup Debate? Mixed.

The Sweet

After work, I simply got on the inbound train as opposed to the outbound. I got off at the Copely stop. I oriented myself quickly to the Big Library, went in, found my book right away, checked it out (and a big stack of otherrs) and went along my merry way down Boylston. The Prudential Center presented itself, I took the escalator up, found what I was looking for, purchased what I was looking for, continued through the mall to the other side, found the Prudential stop…. INSIDE the Prudential. Hopped on the train. Went home.

Love it.

The Bitter

First of all, it became quickly apparent that I could not afford much of anything in such a silly store as Sephora. Or at least what I was looking for – foundation & powder. So my choice was greatly limited by price. I found a single brand that met my desire to get out of the store spending as close to 50 dollars as possible.

So I ended up with Clinique, Even Better foundation and some translucent powder.

The powder is top notch. AND IT CAME WITH IT’S OWN BRUSH! This excites me. I haven’t had a powder brush since I lost my Bath and Body Works one, and then Bath and Body Works stopped selling makeup and I was plunged into a pit of depression and never got around to buying another one. And it’s just the added-value SUPRISE factor. A little Lagniappe, if you will. Makes me feel better about dropping 20 bucks on face dust.

The foundation, I chose on a whim because it had an SPF 15 and the other Clinique formulas did not. Sadly, it is a *little* too much coverage for me, and is also a *little* too dark for my skin. I thought the Very Bottom of the Spectrum looked weird on my skin, so I went with one up from the bottom, and now am suffering from severe Orange Face.

It looks okay, though, with the lighter powder. And maybe I can just wear turtlenecks once the weather cools down and nobody will notice!

September 22, 2009

don’t go to grad school

From August 17 to September 18, my Life Strategy went a little like this:

“Go with the flow. Try not to screw anything up. Replicate your former life when possible by incorporating old habits. Do your reading. Don’t spend any money. Try not to be a slob. Cook. Kiss your boyfriend. Don’t fall into the scary sidewalk-ditch by the basement apartment windows.”

Unfortunately, that had to change.

There is no time for DVDs from the library, for long walks to get ice cream. I can’t even walk to and from the train with my iPod. I have to read while walking, which is fun, but dangerous, and ups my chances of falling into that ditch.

From now until I feel comfortable, my new Life Strategy is:
“Do Your Schoolwork”

I’m hoping this is an adjustment issue and not a permanent problem, but I probably spent about 12 or 15 hours writing a 3 page paper this weekend. It wasn’t even a hard paper, really. Nothing like the one due in a few weeks! But it completely blew the time I’d allotted out of the water. And even though last week’s Monday class scared me into being better prepared for the next class, I was not, because I spent so much time on my paper. And now I’m behind for my other class. And even though I need to read 2 more books for class tomorrow, I still have to start working on my Monday class work TODAY so I don’t repeat this week’s paper debacle.

Instead of coming home and relaxing, making dinner, and kissing my boyfriend, I read books. And let him cook me dinner. And then perhaps griped that he should clean the apartment once in awhile since I’m so busy.

Instead of taking weekend trips in my convenient vehicle, I write papers.

Instead of blogging, I read. And write papers. And ignore the stacks of library books that have fallen onto my needs-t0-be-swept floor, ignore the cable and internet we are paying 80 dollars a month for, ignore ignore ignore.

It’s possible that in a few weeks, I’ll be in a rhythm, and I’ll figure out how to be more of a human.

Or maybe this is just how it’s going to be.

September 17, 2009

On 3c

Some side effects of moving to The Big City:

1) My Payless flip-flops are not cutting it for the amount of walking I do.

1a) Neither are my Payless non-flip-flops

2a) I think I need me a pair of these. Preferably a left and a right.

2) My wardrobe seems suddenly lacking.

2a) I only have two cardigan.

2b) Baby-blue argyle only works with so many outfits.

2c) Everyone else is so well-dressed!

2d) I wear the same cardigan every day.

3) I feel like a grown up, now that I am doing grown up things like balancing budgets/paying rent/doing the dishes every night before bed. And washing my face.

3a) Grown ups surely deserve nicer things than non-grown ups.

3b) Like non-Payless shoes.

3c) And make-up and skin care products not purchased at a drug store.

So, ladies, I might be going to Sephora this afternoon to buy a few things:

1. Facial soap

2. Foundation

3. Loose powder

On #1, I am pretty much decided on Clinique Liquid Facial Soapsince I happen to have Step Two and Step Three of the Clinique regime in my possession. And it’s pretty cheap (well, 15 dollars is a lot, but it’s not TOO much). However, I need help with #2 and #3.

Facts About My Face:

1. I am paler than pasty.

2. I have some freckles.

3. I have some redness/pimples/dark circles.

4. My skin qualifies as Combination – I am dry-dry-dry after a shower, but greasy-greasy by the end of a day’s work.

5. I burned my forehead with my curling iron yesterday.

So what I’m looking for is:

– Something lightweight. I like tinted moisturizers for the summer, liquids sometimes, or that fluffy whipped stuff they put in little pots. Something that will even me out, hide pimples a little, but not turn me into a freckle-less white-canvas-face.

– Something that won’t give me Orange Face – White Neck syndrome. Even the palest of the CoverGirl options aren’t pale enough, really.

– Some loose powder so I don’t feel like a grease ball.

Any suggestions?

Really, anything. Even if you’re an olive-tinted Mediterranean goddess or a Nubian princess.

I’ve never spent more than 10 bucks on make-up, and I don’t want to waste my money on a sub-par brand.

What do you use, and love?

September 16, 2009


So far today, I have spent

20 minutes on the snooze button

35 minutes with the Internet

15 minutes making food and eating it

15 minutes grooming myself

35 minutes traveling (while reading)

and 240 minutes working.

Just in case you were curious

September 15, 2009

again tomorrow

Okay, so maybe yesterday wasn’t my day.

But today?

* I worked for 6 hours. That’s 78 dollars, minus taxes.

* I navigated my school library, found my course reserves, read them, and turned them back in.

* I took a nap.

* I cleaned up my apartment.

* I decided that The Big Bang Theory may not be the show for me. No Laughing Out Loud in 4 episodes.

* I returned a movie to the library before fines accrued.

* I read two books for class tomorrow.

* I watched an episode of LOST.

* I printed off my required reading for next week.

* I took out the trash.

* I made a Gantt Chart for the rest of my semester.

* I made Chicken Stroganoff (minus Worcestershire, chicken broth, and with canned mushrooms)

* I made cookie dough to bake tomorrow.

* I did all the dishes and then messed some of them up again.

* I beat an All-Star match on Super Smash Brothers.

Let’s just call 9-15-09 a win.

September 14, 2009


I had this uplifting post in mind, about how well my grad school experience is running. I mean, I have a set schedule – Work 9-2, then errands or class or home to take a nap – and Lance has a job, and we have some money and things are hunky dory, right? I wanted to tell you about my Contemporary Considerations class, where I walked in feeling completely intimidated but shortly found this voice inside me that can somehow say smart things about books that I love and how totally cool that is? How people seem to be nice, friendly, generally like-minded?

I was going to write about all that.

Then today happened.

It’s okay, it really is. I will get through it, I will figure it out. But today I had class, I had too much reading to finish for class, the kind of reading that made me claw at my eyeballs in Freed’s lit theory class (and also seems to have left my mind except for a sense of vague familiarity with the names Levi-Strauss, Todorov, Derrida, like people I met and thought were interesting but never really thought I’d run into again), and then there was class that doubled my reading load, tripled my work load, and generally left me wanted to leave class immediately so I would have time to prepare for next week.

So no, I have nothing uplifting to say today, except that Lance keeps listening to “I’ll Be There” by the Jackson 5 and I love it every time.

September 12, 2009

the best one

Woke up at 7. On a weekend. Three fried eggs, and some brownie left over from last night. Green line to Government Center, then the blue to the Aquarium. It was raining a lot, but we had an umbrella.

Faneuil Hall for a few hours, in the rain. Gyro for lunch. Thanks, Lance’s Mommy. Back on the T. Wait 20 minutes for a train at Government Center, and the one that eventually shows is jammmmpacked and goes out of service three stops from home.

Mailbox. Teaching contract in the mail, with a mysterious 800 dollars added to the yearly salary.

Rejoicing! Also – discovering that our door’s buzzer doesn’t work, potato salad, finishing some books for class, and the arrival of


Caught the end of the U of M game and spent a little time on the phone with a Comcast techie from Canada who asked me if my router was curvaceous. Then out to Staples (graph paper, router), Borders & Barnes and Noble (planner fail), and home. Where Season 5 of LOST finally awaited us, as well as wireless internet, cable television, and a beer.

Life is well.

September 9, 2009

Mr. MacD for short

“Be quiet, kids! I’m busy eating celebratory pistachio ice cream here! Now play me some Sousa!”


Oh, and next I get to go to Elena’s house and watch Glee! This day is awesome!